KLUDGE - (a collection of ill-fitting parts)

IDS ORTS & UMBRA 2006 -2009

This exhibition was to be the opening show to launch 138 TENNYSON, a beautifully reappointed incarnation of Napier’s historic Red Cross Building. This wonderful space had been a gallery for years under many banners, including The Globe, The Scott Ormond Gallery, M.I.A. Gallery & The
Old Red Cross Gallery.

The new owner asked me if I could fill the gallery. I was excited by this idea as I had enough work from the last five years to have a look back at constructions, assemblages, paintings and works on paper in one space and see if it made any sense as a body of work. Not being really sure how it would all sit together I titled it KLUDGE - a collection of ill-fitting parts, hoping it would make a nonsense of itself.

The gallery was painted charcoal, an unusual concept in itself, which I thought could work well with my work, and was being set up with good lighting, a Champagne Bar, a working kitchen and some interesting moderne furniture and sound system. Money was being spent and I was impressed - She’s doing this well - it has every chance of working! I spent a couple of weeks hanging and finessing the collection and as the opening date kept sliding forward due to the mounting up of seemingly endless building and finishing problems, I began preparing some bigger
sculptural pieces to top it off. Had I been less excited I would have seen the writing on the wall.

I left town for a fabulous week in Gore where I had a survey show FABRICATION, at the Western Southland Gallery, and returned to Napier ready to settle the opening date and print the invites myself if necessary. I went down to the gallery to hang some new paintings and was staggered to find ‘for lease’ signage in the window, after no contact whatsoever from the owner. She had hit the wall financially and her dream of a wonderful gallery and my opening show was history. It says something about her disappointed and stressed state of mind that she didn’t bother to even
send me a text - just shut up shop. Fortunately I had a key to the building and was able to get in with my friend Brian Culy and photograph the work before removing it.

This is KLUDGE the show that nobody saw. . .

Fane Flaws March 2009

WAVING NOT DROWNING (new work 2009)

Striped Flag Triptych #1 (demolition timber) 1800 x 800 mm


Striped Flag Triptych #2 (demolition timber) 1600 x 550 mm


Striped Flag Triptych #3 (demolition timber) 1500 x 550 mm


Striped Flag Triptych #4 (demolition timber) 1600 x 8550 mm


Kitchen Sponge Flag of Nowhere (kitchen sponges on board ) 900 x 820 mm



Maternal Shoe With Psychedelic Id (oil on canvas) 1300 x 1300 mm


Council Of The Psychedeic Ids (oil on canvas) framed 1520 x 1520 mm


Idiot-Self With Forest & Birds (oil on canvas) 1300 x 1300 mm


Id Party (oil on canvas) 1300 x 1300 mm


SECRET MENS BUSINESS (previously unshown work 2007-2009)

Secret Men's Business (found objects demolition timber & paint)


Black & White Shadowboard (found objects demolition timber & paint) 1000 x 1000 mm


Pink & White Shadowboard (found objects demolition timber & paint) 1300 x 500 mm


Tooth & Nail (found objects demolition timber & paint) 1300 x 400 mm


Red & Green Shadowboard (found objects demolition timber & paint) 350 x 200 mm


Hammer & Pliers - diptych (found objects demolition timber & paint) 450 x 500 mm


Kitchen Shadowboard (found objects demolition timber, lino & paint) 300 x 300 mm


Bird with Shadowboard (acrylic on canvas) 760 x 760 mm

from BIRDLAND 2007

GENUINE FAKE (from Faking It 2008)

Genuine Fake - tripych (demolition timber) 900 x 2700 mm


Circle - tripych (demolition timber) 900 x 2700 mm


Simulated Mistake - tripych (demolition timber) 900 x 2700 mm



Striped Abstract Selection (demolition timber)


Striped Abstract # 30 (demolition timber) 1200 x 600 mm


Striped Abstract # 15 (demolition timber) 490 x 700 mm


Down To The Sea (demolition timber painting) 500 x 650 mm


Striped Abstract # 14 (demolition timber) 900 x 820 mm


Striped Abstract # 33 (demolition timber) 530 x 300 mm



Optimistic Surfaces (demolition timber & paint)


Primitive Subconscious with Stripes (demolition timber & paint) 900 x 820 mm


Flag of Nowhere with Jo Blogg (enamel on demolition timber) 405 x 810 mm


Optimistic Surface #1 (enamel on demolition timber) 700 x 600 mm



New Model Selection (demolition timber, found obects & paint) 2910 x 1070 mm


My Guitar (timber assemblage) 600 x 1200 mm


Guitiki (mixed media assemblage) 610 x 830 mm


Childsplay (Brown Clown) (demolition timber, found obects & paint) 760 x 560 mm


Gloom & Foreboding (demolition timber, found obects & paint) 220 x 370 mm


Next Years Model (demolition timber, found obects & paint) 2910 x 1070 mm