IDS & ANIMALS - Fane Flaws (Pulped IDs) & Jo Blogg (Spotted Animals - see

Flagsaff Gallery 1st Dec 2011 - 3rd Jan 2012


Soon after Hendrix radically changed the face of modern music with his 1967 album ‘Are You Experienced‘, a bunch of local ‘psychedelic bands‘ were inevitably spawned. There was no music in pubs in those days just a bunch of small one room venues, traditionally painted black with a steaming live rhythm & blues band in one corner.

The first venue in Wellington to cotton on to the ‘new thing’ was a tiny space in Majoribanks St which opened as ‘The Psychedelic Id’. There was an overnight buzz that this place was ‘where it’s at’ so brimming with 16 year old optimism, I tried to get in the following Friday night. It was R20 so I guess there was alcohol and I was turned away. From the street I could see the pulsing ‘light show’ and hear the wailing guitar of local Hendrix rep’ Reno Tehei, (fresh back from seeing Jimi in London) and his dynamite three-piece The Joyful Crye. I knew in my soul I was missing something special, magical and important - my teenage suburban world was begining to explode.

Over the next ten years I made up for my sense of loss with regular forays into the inner realms including catching the Blerta Bus where psychedelics, music, film and light shows were weekly fare. On one self searching voyage I found myself in an altered state gazing into a mirror and was fascinated at the multitudinous versions of my own image I could manifest. My favourite was a multi-faceted quasi-cubist arrangement, which has stuck with me and somehow shuffled onto the canvas.

I recently discovered that the ‘Id‘ represents one’s individual, inherited, instinctive, impulses - a seething cauldon of excitements, and the name of that short lived, ground breaking club came swirling back to me. It seemed the totally appropriate moniker to brand a series of self portraits, I was previously labeling my ‘Primitive Subconscious’. I have no idea what these paintings are about. This is not important or uncommon with me, but I do find that sooner, or later - sometimes years later, the penny drops and the work eventually makes some sort of sense. (Mmmm.... perhaps they simply manifest some deep fantasia of being an omniscient-neo-cubist-spiritual-master-private-detective in some strange bohemian pulp-fiction?)

Fane Flaws

Study for Lamp In The Desert (gouache on paper) 475 x 445mm


Study for Hot Love In The City (gouache on paper) 475 x 445mm


Study for No Bouquets (gouache on paper) 475 x 445mm


Study for The Wreck Of The Running Gale (gouache on paper) 475 x 445mm


Study for Who Holds My Heart (gouache on paper) 475 x 445mm


Study for Rock End (gouache on paper) 475 x 445mm framed


Study for Crying In The Wilderness (gouache on paper) 475 x 445mm framed


Study for No Love For Nurse Slater (gouache on paper) 475 x 445mm framed


Study for Call Me Pilot (gouache on paper) 475 x 445mm framed